• The Achilles Heel of Your Fitness (Part II): Developing the Model of Organization

    Read “The Achilles Heel of Your Fitness (Part I)”. Now, we need a model of organization. Let’s attack this with a scientific approach much like that of the scientific method. You know, the ol’ 1.Question 2.Research 3.Hypothesis 4.Test 5.Analyze 6. Conclusion/Results deal-io. What should our steps then be? Let’s try this… Self-Treatment Model Identify a

  • What is Kill Cliff?

    As you will notice around the gym this week, we are excited to announce that we will be selling Kill Cliff recovery drink. The slender aluminum can might make you think “Redbull” upon first glance, but “The Tasty” isn’t an energy drink. Using natural ingredients, Kill Cliff seeks to do what other energy drinks don’t