No matter what your goals are it is always good to know that you are moving in the right direction. When it comes to health and fitness there are a number of different aspects that need to be tracked in order to ensure you are moving in that direction. At Balance Point Fitness & Athletics we are here to provide you with some of most important ways to track your progress beginning with…

Body Fat and Composition Analysis

Why Is It Good To Know Your Body Fat And Body Composition?

When you train with us at Balance Point Fitness & Athletics you may experience a wide variety of positive changes. Many of these changes are oftentimes unexpected and difficult to notice. Tracking certain metrics and markers (such as body fat and body compostion shifts) can give you, as well as us, a better visual as to how your body is responding to the stimulus it is now receiving and clues as to how we may either need to shift that stimulus or continue with what you are doing.

What Does The Body Fat and Composition Analysis Entail?

The Balance Point Fitness & Athletics “Body Fat and Composition Analysis” includes a weigh-in, body fat analysis, circumference measurements, a series of 3 photos and some important questions that will help us provide you with the right advice to make specific changes toward accomplishing your goals. This analysis is done in the privacy of a secluded room and can be repeated at any time in the future in order to assess progress.

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Performance Tracking

It’s not always just a about looks

As a member of Balance Point Fitness & Athletics we will provide you with the information you need to keep track of your performance – ensuring that you are continually getting stronger, running faster, jumping higher, and/or moving toward your own personal goals, whatever those may be.