• Let Us Lead You

         At Balance Point Fitness and Athletics, we teach you to move…properly.  We have no interest in making you a super athlete (but we do have the capacity to do that if you wish), however we aim to raise your ability to take on the real world.  We all face physical challenges on a

  • Memorial Day Schedule

    In observance of the upcoming Memorial Day we will be holding class at 10:00am on Monday and all other classes will be canceled for the day. Make sure you show up at 10:00am ready to sweat!

  • Balance Point Nutrition Challenge 3.2!

    Balance Point Nutrition Challenge 3.2!

    Wait Coach J. Whaaaa? Doesn’t it go 1, then 2, then 3, then 4? What’s up with this 3.2 business? Great question. Due to the rising popularity of the Balance Point Nutrition Challenge, we’ve just finished wrapping up our previous challenge last week and are kicking off another challenge this coming Friday, March 27th at 6:30pm at Balance Point! CLICK

  • The Achilles Heel of Your Fitness (Part II): Developing the Model of Organization

    Read “The Achilles Heel of Your Fitness (Part I)”. Now, we need a model of organization. Let’s attack this with a scientific approach much like that of the scientific method. You know, the ol’ 1.Question 2.Research 3.Hypothesis 4.Test 5.Analyze 6. Conclusion/Results deal-io. What should our steps then be? Let’s try this… Self-Treatment Model Identify a

  • What is Kill Cliff?

    As you will notice around the gym this week, we are excited to announce that we will be selling Kill Cliff recovery drink. The slender aluminum can might make you think “Redbull” upon first glance, but “The Tasty” isn’t an energy drink. Using natural ingredients, Kill Cliff seeks to do what other energy drinks don’t

  • Why Would I Want To Do That?

    Why Would I Want To Do That?

    Why would I want to do that??? For those of you who have come to my yoga class, or any other yoga class for that matter, you probably have a handful of answers for this question. For those of you who have only seen or heard about this thing called yoga you might be asking

  • Movement for Life class starts 1/20/15

    Movement for Life class starts 1/20/15

    We realize it’s short notice, but we decided to jump in and begin this exciting new class that will be presented by Brian Pratt on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6am.  We will begin the “Movement for Life” class bright and early tomorrow January 20th at 6am. Here is what Brian has to say….. Hello I

  • The Achilles Heel of Your Fitness

    The thought pattern we find with virtually ALL of our clients at Balance Point Fitness & Athletics is that so much emphasis is placed on that which goes into the actual working out that there is a severe and detrimental lack of focus on recovery and regeneration. This thought process is a major defect in how we

  • New Year’s Party and Schedule for the Week

    New Year’s Party and Schedule for the Week

    Alrighty all you wild hooligans. It’s time, once again, for Balance Point Fitness & Athletics’ annual Holiday Party! … We know, we know, but please control your screams of excitement. Last year we had a great time with an Ugly Sweater Christmas themed party so this year we’re changing things up a bit and going

  • A “General” Foundation of Good Nutrition

    A “General” Foundation of Good Nutrition

    “Your coaches at Balance Point Fitness & Athletics understand that we all live different lives and have different demands. We don’t see this as an excuse to let your nutrition “go” however. This is the whole reason we are “Balance Point”. Each of us must find balance between our lives and our health. Each of