Coach Justin co-founded Balance Point Fitness & Athletics in 2013 after working as a fitness professional and Strength & Conditioning Coach since 2003. Through his extensive experience Justin brings a diverse set of knowledge to our expert professional staff.

Justin’s background as an athlete includes participating in a wide variety of sports comprising of basketball, football, baseball, soccer, volleyball, CrossFit and more. He continued to competitively play basketball, baseball and volleyball in high school, being selected to the Northern California Men’s Junior Olympics volleyball team, and carried his basketball career into college after being selected to the California Junior Nationals team as well as after being considered for the McDonald’s All-American All Star Basketball Game as an alternate. As a fitness professional Justin has worked very closely with, what are quite literally, the best athletes, trainers, and nutrition experts in the world! He has worked with Olympic Gold Medalists, National Championship and World Championship athletes, NFL athletes, MLB athletes, NBA/WNBA athletes, elite level CrossFit competitors, PGA athletes, triathletes, Military Personnel, and more.

Additionally, Justin’s experiences have allowed him to deliver the greatest results to non-athletes as well. Clients with orthopedic issues or who are in a post-rehab phase seek Justin out for his expertise and his ability to improve their quality of life. Furthermore, Justin has a burning desire for nutrition. He runs the very successful, semi-annual, Balance Point Nutrition Challenges in which clients regularly boast about losing 10, 20, even 30 lbs and more in a matter of 7 short weeks! Clients with all sorts of health issues continually benefit from applying his nutrition knowledge to their lives.

Those who’ve trained with Justin quickly come to realize that he delivers so much more than just fitness – he delivers unparalleled knowledge, experience, understanding and a lifestyle. Coach Justin approaches your training with a well-rounded, balanced approach, which includes proper training, nutrition, recovery and much more.

Justin’s vision is to give everyone the opportunity to experience and take advantage of fitness training at its finest. His primary drive is to help you accomplish everything you want to in fitness, health, and in life. His passion and commitment to excellence will inspire you to work your hardest and continue to learn.