C.o.R.E. – “X” (City of Redding Elite – “X-Factor”)

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Why C.o.R.E. – “X”

This program is designed to give local athletes a home for sports training and athletic development where they can do what it takes to get ahead of the competition and to the next level. Simply put, this program develops the elite local athletes of the area. Every athlete looking to take their game to the next level needs an X-Factor. C.o.R.E. – “X” is your athlete’s X-Factor.

Who is it for?

The Balance Point Fitness & Athletics C.o.R.E. – “X” program (aka: Sports Performance Program), headed by Coach Justin Cascarina, is designed for student-athletes from 6th grade through college who’s goals may include, but are not limited to:

  • Getting strongerMax - Keaton sprint 2

  • Running faster

  • Jumping higher

  • Throwing faster or farther

  • Gaining explosiveness

  • Putting on lean muscle

  • Losing fat

  • Increasing flexibility

  • Preventing injury


No matter your athletic endeavor C.o.R.E. – “X” is a proven program to get you to the next level!

Our expert Coaches have a wealth of skills and knowledge required to effectively handle large and diverse groups of all ages, backgrounds, and sports. These Coaches ensure an open and welcoming environment for athletes to enter into and can scale any workout either up or down, depending on a given athlete’s current abilities, in order to ensure that each individual is being pushed to their own limits and getting the most out of each workout. We find that, in working with older athletes, the younger athletes quickly develop mentors that they can look up to and learn not only the workout skills they will need but about their sport(s) as well. We also find that, in working alongside the younger athletes, the older, more experienced athletes, fully embrace this role and gain both knowledge and physical ability in teaching and leading by example. Regularly you will see our athletes supporting one-another at each other’s sporting events no matter the school (rival or not) or the age.

What can an athlete expect from this program?

Simply put…progress! Aside from the open, welcoming environment and development of valuable lifelong friendships, an athlete can expect to work hard, work smart and develop countless skills that will get them to the next level, prepare them for their arena (field, court, mat, pool, track, etc.), and serve them throughout their lives. C.o.R.E. – “X” implements elements of plyometrics, speed training, explosiveness training, weightlifting, gymnastics, nutrition and much more to mold athletes into the absolute best they can be.

Additionally, our C.o.R.E. – “X” program holds our athletes to the highest standard of attentiveness, conduct, and accountability. These skills will enhance their ability to handle even more aspects of both their sports and their lives beyond sports. At Balance Point Fitness & Athletics, we feel these are invaluable traits for a young athlete to possess.


How does an athlete get started in the C.o.R.E. – “X” program?

There are no prerequisites for C.o.R.E. – “X” as athletes will be assessed during their first week of participation in the program. If an athlete is deconditioned or requires 1-on-1 attention for any reason they may be asked to perform a series of private or semi-private training sessions in order to continue with the program. Additionally, if an athlete would prefer individualized attention for any reason private training is available to them as well. All private and semi-private training are by appointment only.

This program also offers both “in-season” and “off-season” rates so that athletes can get better during their off-seasons and maintain their progress during their competitive sports season.


If you have further questions about the program or would like to register in person or over the phone please contact Coach Justin directly by email at Justin@BalancePointFA.com or by phone at 530-356-4339 and he will be happy to answer your questions and accept your registration.