• Movement for Life class starts 1/20/15

    Movement for Life class starts 1/20/15


    We realize it’s short notice, but we decided to jump in and begin this exciting new class that will be presented by Brian Pratt on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6am.  We will begin the “Movement for Life” class bright and early tomorrow January 20th at 6am. Here is what Brian has to say…..

    Hello I am Brian Pratt.  You may have seen me around the gym lately.  I am a movement coach and MovNat Certified Trainer. Our bodies have such a wonderful capacity for movement.  We enjoy sports and performing arts that involve amazing feats of movement. However, many of our life activities are sterile and lacking in movement and movement skill.  I am very excited to tell you about a class that I am coaching called Movement for Life.  Movement for Life will teach you how to move better in practical and useful ways that we all can apply to daily life. We will be using primarily the MovNat system of training and as well as some joint stability/mobility work to help you move better.  You can checkout MovNat at www.movnat.com and there are some great videos on YouTube.  These movements will be used for skill development as well as strengthening and conditioning.  They are safe, scalable, and you will progress as your ability increases. You may find some of the movements familiar such as a push press and find other movements that challenge you, as would carrying a weight while you are balancing. Movement for Life will greatly benefit you no matter who you are.  Come learn the freedom of better Movement for Life.  The class will be Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 6:00am.  Check out www.balancepointfa.com for the schedule of this and other great classes that are available.

    Anyone can join the class.  You do not need to have a Balance Point membership to attend, however this class is included for all current membership holders.  For non-members; Single class is $15 or purchase a 5 session punchcard for $60.

    Get up early and come try Movement for Life! We look forward to seeing you there.

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