The Balance Point Fitness & Athletics Nutritional Approach and Philosophy 

At Balance Point Fitness & Athletics we understand that commitment to exercise is only part of the equation in achieving your health and fitness goals. The food you put into your body will directly impact your success as well, and everyone has their own individual needs. We have observed that establishing clean and balanced eating habits are fundamental to achieving the best results with any health and fitness program and this remains true at Balance Point Fitness & Athletics. We don’t prescribe to fad diets but do recognize that there are many tools available for those looking to improve their health and wellness. While our general nutritional advice is straight forward, we recognize that putting it into practice can be incredibly difficult and want you to take a big sigh of relief in knowing that we are confidently here to help you every step of the way.

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What do we think is optimal nutrition?

We keep our definition of “optimal nutrition” simple: It’s the right combinations of foods specifically for you, as a unique individual, that allow you to look, feel, and perform better.

Our Coaches have extensive experience working with individuals of all fitness levels and have observed the most efficient and greatest health and fitness successes from those who eat a balanced diet of nutrient-rich whole foods. With the right coaching, finding this unique balance, your unique balance, is actually much easier than you might think and our Coaches are renowned for having this down to an exact science to deliver the fastest results to you.

The power of good coaching cannot be underestimated. The right coaches can take sports teams to championships, businesses to greater profit, and individuals to new heights of health, performance, and appearance.

For more than a decade our Coaches have helped clients from both athletic and sedentary backgrounds reach their fat loss, lean mass gain, and performance nutrition goals. By changing one eating habit at a time, our Coaches will work with you to give you all the tools you need to build a nutrition plan that fits your goals and your lifestyle.

Our nutrition coaching uses a variety of methods to help our members:

  • Establish and take action towards achieving nutrition based goals

  • Modifying behaviors in order to achieve those goals

  • Become self-reliant and gain confidence

  • Take greater responsibility and accountability for actions and commitments

Balance Point Fitness & Athletics’ Nutrition Coaching is right for you, if:

  • You know what you should be eating, but easily stray from the path

  • You’re tired of fad dieting with short-lived results

  • You need help streamlining your eating efforts to fit a busy lifestyle

  • You want to optimize your nutrition so you can get the most out of life

Let’s get started on finding the right nutrition plan for you!

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The Balance Point Nutrition Challenge

Balance Point Fitness & Athletics hosts multiple “Nutrition Challenges” throughout the year. Members and non-members alike are invited to participate in these friendly and supportive events to clean up their nutrition, experience noticeable health benefits, improved athletic performance, and to look better naked!

The Balance Point Nutrition Challenge is a 7-10 week program. The first 3 weeks of the challenge are the “Elimination Phase,” where we systematically cut out specific foods that are problematic for a majority of Americans. We then live our lives for 4 consecutive weeks without consuming these foods. Doing so allows our bodies to reset to a healthy and sensitive baseline so we are now in a position to feel the real affects of food and whether what we’re eating on a consistent basis is affecting us negatively or not. Upon completion of the 4 weeks of “No Cheating Eating” participants are then given the option to reintroduce the foods we eliminated back into their diets, one-by-one, in order to experience the actual affects of what they are eating. This final and optional step, the “Reintroduction Phase,” occurs during the final 3 weeks.


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Participation in the Balance Point Nutrition Challenge comes with:

  • Nutrition Challenge Handbook

  • Meal Plans

  • Shopping Lists

  • Shopping Guide

  • Food Quality Guide

  • Dining Out Guide

  • Individual Meetings with Before and After Assessments included

  • Group Progress Meetings

  • Results Report with Recommendations

  • Online Forum (with TONS of information and answers)

  • Continued Support (even after the challenge is over)

  • A Promise to Over Deliver


You can also see if we have any upcoming challenges by checking our “Events Registration Page”.

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